The meats

At the Steak Museum, meat is art and we are the artists.

Selected meats

Our maxi showcases host over 15 types of meat from all over the world, carefully selected to offer you only the best. Each cut is a work of art in its own right, born from the work of our expert butchers and the passion of our chefs for quality cuisine.
From Japanese Waguy steak to Valdichiana IGP Chianina, from Australian Wagyu to Irish Angus, here you will find only the best of carnivorous delicacies. Come and discover our meat museum and let yourself be conquered by its beauty and taste.


Sashi Finlandia

When we talk about Sashi meat we mean a cut of beef characterized by a good amount of intramuscular fat, distributed evenly. Finnish meat develops more intramuscular fat which makes Sashi meat particularly tender and tasty.


Wagyu Giapponese

The soft, buttery texture is one of the most important characteristics of wagyu. The fat, rich in omega 3 and 6, creates a sort of very fine network that runs through the entire muscle. This marbling makes the meat so tender that it melts in your mouth.


Chianina IGP Valdichiana

Chianina I.G.P. is a native beef breed of Valdichiana Senese. Its meat is among the most delicious, it is from it that the famous Florentine steak is obtained and other cuts of great quality. The control, protection and certification action is guaranteed by the Consortium of the White Vitellone dell'Appennino Centrale.


Scottona Angus Irlanda

A meat naturally characterized by high fat infiltrations that give a superior flavor, juiciness and unique succulence. Renowned for its natural marbling; it is tender and tasty, thanks to breeding techniques that meet the highest quality standards at every stage of the process, from grazing to slaughtering.


Rubia Gallega

Rubia Gallega has exceptional organoleptic and nutritional qualities. The outside is wrapped in a tasty and sweet coat of golden fat that makes it unique, while the inside meat is incredibly tender and tasty, with an inimitable flavour. The fat plays an important role, softening the meat and releasing a unique aroma during cooking.